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Will the demonization ever end before another catastrophic war takes place in another Middle Eastern country? In Shai Greenberg’s Feb. 23 letter urging Japan to boycott sales of Iranian oil, “Unbearable cost of Iranian oil,” we are treated to the usual blather about Iran developing an “offensive nuclear weapon” (are there any other kinds?). On the other hand, the author supports Israel by claiming that Iran constantly threatens its existence.

These assertions are myths, not facts. First, it is well documented that — just as in Iraq — no weapons program has been uncovered in Iran. On the other hand, why does Israel have the right to have hundreds of nuclear weapons and refuse any international inspectors? I call that a double standard of grotesque proportions.

I presume that Iran’s “constant threats made against Israel’s existence” (mentioned in the letter) refer to the remark attributed to Iran’s president that Iran would “wipe Israel off the map.” This was an intentional misquotation that became common knowledge. What Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said was that the “Zionist regime” is morally corrupt and, as a result, “will disappear from the pages of history” just like other empires that have crumbled.

Iran has not attacked another country in its 200-year history. It did defend itself in the war against a United States-funded Iraq in the 1980s. I strongly support Japan’s buying of Iranian oil.

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richard wilcox

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