• Hitchin, England


Regarding Shai Greenberg’s Feb. 23 letter, “Unbearable cost of Iranian oil“: How does Japan’s purchase of Iranian oil lead to the government in Tehran continuing “its atrocities against the Iranian people”? Is it not a case of blind ignorance to write this — as if atrocities do indeed take place in that country?

Only a couple of weeks ago, there were millions of Iranians celebrating the revolution’s 33rd anniversary in Tehran. Does it sound like rational behavior if these citizens are regularly subjected to physical and emotional atrocities by their own government?

And how would Japan’s refusal to purchase Iranian oil elevate Washington’s standing in the world, and Japan’s long-term security against the Chinese and the Russians? Such argumentation smacks of a child’s frustration and a grownup’s lack of logical thinking.

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mata bakhtiar

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