• Onojo, Fukuoka


Kudos to The Japan Times for covering a big problem with Japan’s tax system today — preferential treatment based on lifestyle (Dec. 6 article “Tax, pension breaks called favoritism for homemakers”).

Besides draining government coffers, the income tax deduction and pension premium break for mostly full-time homemakers have affected greater society. The number of nonregular workers has been increasing in recent years as a result. These employees, who do not need benefits and will never ask for a raise, are an employer’s dream, especially if they are educated and experienced.

To compete with these employees, the unskilled must sell their services cheap to employers. And that’s one reason why “freeters” and temporary employees have become so numerous.

Lower salaries mean fewer things being bought, less consumption tax revenue and sluggish business all around. Getting rid of the taxpayer subsidies described in the article would be a good step toward leveling the playing field for workers.

The government plans to increase income taxes to pay for rebuilding Tohoku and to begin paying off the government’s massive debt. This will hit everyone except the full-time housewives. It’s time for everyone to be taxed.


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nadia higa

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