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I support and encourage Japan, and hope and pray for its future. I admire and praise those in the devastated north for their patience and endurance. But such feelings for this country are continually eroded by the disgraceful behavior of those Japanese who, in their lofty positions, should know better. They are those who consistently lie and cheat in political and corporate Japan.

How can I explain the damning contents of the two articles that appeared in The Japan Times of Oct. 24; William Pesek’s “More money than brains behind Olympus scandal,” and former British ambassador to Japan Hugh Cortazzi’s “Olympus case a black mark for Japan”?

In my 15 years here I have never (unlike many foreigners) been a Japanophile but have rather observed this country, “warts and all” with a friendly, sympathetic but critical eye, giving it praise and encouragement when due and reproof when needed. But how long must good, honest, hardworking and diligent Japanese citizens put up with such political and corporate malfeasance and an obvious disdain of love of country?

We need only look at the events of the Arab Spring to see that a people can be pushed, manipulated and indeed dictated to only so far.

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paul gaysford

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