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In regard to the Oct. 14th article “Sony recalls 1.6 million Bravia TVs worldwide,” it seems a little ironic to me.

In the days of Sony founder Akio Morita, when he was at the corporate helm, this sort of malfunction wouldn’t have happened. How in the world did Sony engineers install a faulty component in Bravia TVs in the first place? What has happened to the legendary quality control circles at Sony?

Quality products have been the foundation of Japan’s global economic success. Sony had better sit down with its younger “manga-loving generation” engineers and explain the facts of life — poor quality means flat sales, flat sales means layoffs. On the bright side, the unemployed engineer has more time to read manga.

The down side of corporate success is complacency. Wake up Sony! Keep your eye on the ball. No more “faulty components.” With recent recalls at corporations like Toyota, Honda, and Sony, maybe it’s time to really ratchet up the quality control management.

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robert mckinney

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