Regarding the April 26 article “Brit held in campaign noise protest“: Assuming nobody was hurt by grabbing the microphone, I’d like to applaud Edward Jones’ actions in disrupting campaign efforts (for the Tokorozawa Municipal Assembly, Saitama Prefecture) on April 23.

Few things in Japan are more infuriating than the excessive and unnecessary noise of campaign cars driving around near election time. For years I’ve waged my own silent protest — I carry a sign in my backpack which reads “Urusai!!” in large print. Each time a campaign car drives by, I flash my sign and they immediately apologize and cut the microphone, at least until they’re around the corner or on another street.

I’ve never met anyone who feels anything less than extreme dislike for this very unnecessary noise pollution, yet most people simply endure it as a fact of life.

We can do something about it. I don’t advocate taking matters into your own hands as Jones did, but if more of us waged silent protests like mine, politicians just might start to take notice.

I feel that four years in prison and/or a ¥1 million fine are egregious possible punishments for Jones’ “violating the Public Offices Election Act.” I wonder if there is any way to donate to Jones’ defense fund; I would happily give for his heroic efforts.

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greg blossom

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