• Rapid City, Michigan


I loved my visit to Japan. I traveled all over the country and enjoyed the ryokans, department stores, shrine cities, bullet train, dolls, Noh and Kabuki, tea ceremony, and, most of all, the people. I love Japan! It grieves me that Japan is suffering all these earthquakes and that the country is ruined in the Tohoku-Pacific region, with so much death and destruction.

I believe that now is the time for the Japanese people and the government to consider acquiring a similar amount of land from Russia, perhaps on the coast of the continent, where Japanese people could resettle and rebuild a new Japan, using their island home as a resort to visit rather than as a place to live.

Because of geologic activity, neither earthquakes nor tsunamis will go away. The Japanese deserve a less volatile, dangerous and uncertain place to live.

How many times does disaster have to happen before the Japanese realize their chronic danger and do something to end the periodic losses of life and property?

There is no paradise anywhere, but at least Japan can continue in a better locale with more peaceful and certain land conditions. Our prayers in America go out to Japan. We have permanent e-mail locations for sending money for reconstruction.

gwendolyn maddy

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