• Wilmington, Delaware


Regarding Gwynne Dyer’s Aug. 8 article, “Let’s talk about an attack on Iran“: The problem with Dyer’s analysis is the assumption that most of the people of the United States and Israel are rational. The fact is that many Americans would welcome the use of nuclear weapons, especially the Christian fundamentalists who are convinced that this is the end times when Jesus Christ will return to Earth to rule forever more. For these crazies, the sooner America attacks Iran, the better.

Then there is the equally irrational AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), which threatens American politicians with the loss of their office if they do not back Israeli foreign policy, a policy created by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other belligerent Zionists who also would welcome a war with Iran. In short, to assume that American and Israeli leaders, along with their brainwashed and hyper-emotional, bigoted citizens are rational, is itself irrational.

john dente

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