Regarding the Dec. 3 article “Child custody division set up“: I take exception to generalizations about parents who have had their children illegally kidnapped by Japanese spouses. Many of these women were abusive before fleeing to Japan. Almost all of them have stolen money that the working spouse brought home to support the family. Most of these women married the men just to get sperm donors; the men were used as a “money tree” for their lazy, selfish lives. Rarely, if ever, do any of these women hold a job or contribute anything to the marriage — not love, not support, not income.

I know this was true in my case. Once my wife got pregnant, she moved to another bedroom. She was still in the same bedroom with my son up to the very day I moved out, more than six years later. She fled to Japan when her numerous lies were exposed and it was shown that she had stolen over $70,000 from the equity line on our home and given it to her parents.

Few of these Japanese kidnappers ever file a police report (complaining of spousal abuse), even though spousal abuse is rigorously prosecuted in the United States. Their baseless accusations against their spouses demean the complaints of women who truly must deal with an abusive situation.

randy collins

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