Regarding the Sept. 2 article “Activist against dolphin slaughter visits Taiji to show its nice side“: Ric O’Barry should just go home. Taiji is a Japanese issue, thus a Japanese decision. He has no say in it, nor does the rest of the world.

I’m 100 percent sure that the conditions for animals in his own country are not perfect either. If he and other so-called environmentalists — which are usually people who lack a proper education in respective areas — are so concerned about things like “animal rights” and “animal protection,” they should start with this issue in their own country.

I’m in no way supporting the “dolphin slaughter,” but it’s a thing the Japanese people in Taiji need to decide for themselves. I have no right to tell them what to do. I’m not a colonial power. Foreigners going there and complaining are displaying only three things: arrogance, ignorance and a racism along the lines of “We are better than the Japanese.” Knowing how the average “environmentalist” works, I’m sure that this phrase is used often.

andreas kolb