• Mullumbimby, Australia


Regarding the Aug. 25 article “Taiji told to stop dolphin carnage or sister ties end (with Broome, Australia)“: I recently saw the film “The Cove” and would like to suggest to the people who kill dolphins in the port of Taiji that the dolphins and whales that visit the area are worth more alive than dead.

I work with a whale-watching operation on the east coast of Australia in a bay that 50 years ago used to kill whales. Now whale- and dolphin-watching is worth more than $300 million to the Australian economy. Many ex-whaling counties have made the conversion to whale-watching and are very happy they did.

I also hear that dolphin meat has a very high mercury content, yet it is being fed to children in schools. I’m sure most Japanese remember how deadly mercury is to the human body.

Japan is getting a very bad international reputation for the killing of dolphins and whales. If you care about what the world thinks of Japan as a nation, then stop killing dolphins and whales now before it’s too late.

dean jefferys

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