• Suzuka, Mie


Regarding Michael Hoffman’s April 26 article, “Nagai Kafu: a literary loner“: Kafu at the time was basically eccentric. Many people frown on this trait, yet each one of us has our share of eccentricities. They are what make each of us unique. I truly admire men and women whom many may view as self-absorbed, but who actually are just very comfortable with themselves. Perhaps they realized early in their lives that they would never be happy if they always minded what others thought.

After reading about Kafu, I plan to look up some of his works and check out his “less remarkable work.” For me, whoever has the courage to share part of one’s self — thoughts, perspectives — and to allow criticism of oneself for either shallowness or depth is admirable. The ocean varies in depth, but at each level there is a window of life worth looking into. When we see beauty at each level, perhaps even when there is almost nothing to see, we see a window into life.

Every writer adds a colorful perspective on life. Perhaps a “mediocre” writer is like a painter who has not fully mastered the art and science of color combination. Still, we realize the value of excellence in his or her mediocrity. I believe Kafu was a fulfilled man in his eccentric ways. It was how he chose to view his window into life. At the end of the day, he deserves our gratitude.

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