• Osaka


article “Programmed for combat or for pleasure” is so sad. The author has written quite an article on robots, in praise of an American-authored book. But one can find overt, if not pompous, references to how America has used robotic technology to further its military interests. Littered throughout are engaging descriptions of how the United States uses its robots to spy on other countries or plan the next air raid.

Then, up comes the rather shameless prospect of Japanese robots being used as fetish objects. If you ask me, I’d rather see robotic technology used to make products that would usher peace into the society. By the way, Honda’s “Asimo” robot can help the old and the ailing too, not just climb stairs.

It really is nice to know that Japan produces futuristic robots with the sole aim of improving the quality of life, and not some gun-toting “Terminator” blowing mankind to smithereens.

amarnath chatterjee

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