• Chikushino, Fukuoka


Regarding the Dec. 26 article “Summarized textbook screener minutes urged“: “Summarized minutes” (as opposed to detailed minutes) are nothing more than another form of censorship and as far from transparency as police interrogations due to similar resistance and conniving.

Why the concern about securing a “calm environment” for those with their fingers on buttons that cause explosions when released? It sounds like little more than aiding and abetting the continued exacerbation of Japan’s neighbors as well as the majority of ordinary Japanese who are dumbfounded at their own government’s incessant only-answerable-to-themselves policies that have mired this country in lies and deceit since the end of Word War II.

Until its public servants start to serve the public instead of themselves, Japan will never regain the trust of the rest of the world on the international stage to the extent that Germany has managed to do after willingly subjecting itself to real remorse and reparation.

david wood

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