Regarding the March 30 article “Secret film will show slaughter to the world“: I applaud the recent heroic actions of the Oceanic Preservation Society, among other groups, in their efforts to prevent the pointless slaughter of dolphins and whales — by certain parties — in Japan. However, the thing I don’t understand is why such groups appear to be composed exclusively of foreigners (with the exception of several Japanese scientists consulted on the mercury levels). This is troubling.

In many cases, the killing of dolphins/whales has become a matter of national sovereignty. In other words, an “us versus them” debate of Japanese and non-Japanese people.

This should definitely not be. As a result, Japanese who might otherwise oppose the killings find themselves defending it — not because they think the hunting necessary or desirable, but in defense of their nation’s right to make its own decisions without the bullying of other countries.

If there is going to be an end to the slaughter of whales and dolphins in Japan, the change must come from within the nation as well. Surely there are many Japanese people interested in protecting these wonderful animals. Getting them involved in such efforts would ease nationalistic tensions and add legitimacy to the cause. This would allow the true aim to shine through — the preservation of the priceless lives of innocent sea mammals.