Regarding the salary facts reported in the March 8 article “Japanese women paid 33% less than men”: We ought to be glad to hear the good news. As salaries for women are increased, the increases are taken directly from the salaries of men. Subsequently, a man can no longer support a family as his income is more limited. As a result, women are then trapped into working a lifetime to help support the family. Divorces then increase as less attention is put on the home by mothers. Children fall victim in the process.

Once such workplace changes for salary distribution are made, there is no turning back. Women ought to be very careful. What is more important to them — children and family, or selling radios (so to speak)? Mothers have historically managed the most important function in society and family, which is properly caring for the family’s children. Fathers simply go out and sell radios to support the function.

As far as other countries are concerned, why follow them all off the cliff? Just take a look at family health in the United States. Is this what women in Japan want? You can have it — if you so choose. It is in fact YOUR decision, and men in Japan are presently willing to show faith in you. Since when are mothers and fathers pit against each other? More importantly, why?

greg garrison