I am an Australian who recently traveled to Japan to ski and see some of the sights and cities. Everywhere I traveled I was met with Japanese warmth, helpfulness and decency — not to mention great sights and skiing at Hakuba.

An easy observation was how utterly honest the Japanese are as a society. This was abruptly demonstrated to me when, after a few too many drinks in Tokyo, I left my new expensive camera containing all my holiday photos in a busy public toilet cubicle. I returned later and cried tears of joy when I was handed my camera. Regrettably the outcome probably would not have been as satisfying in Australia.

I would like to sincerely thank the Japanese for their utmost decency and virtue. Perhaps in the future we will all learn from the Japanese and live by these values. I hope that I can repay the courtesy and be an equally fine host to the Japanese one day.

peter conroy