Regarding the Jan. 13 article “Nakamura knocks racism in Italian soccer”: I smiled at midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura’s accusations of racism against Italian Football. I suggest that he come back to Japan, where foreigners are fingerprinted not only when they get a residence permit issuance but every time they re-enter the country, where they cannot rent an apartment if they don’t have a local guarantor, and where, if they ask for a house loan, they are looked at as if they came from Mars.

Nakamura is not new to such accusations; last year he said Italian players are all cheaters looking for penalties. Apparently his short and already forgotten appearances at underdog team Reggina has left him with a bitter taste in his mouth. (He joined Celtic in 2005.) I don’t believe he is able to make objective remarks and that his comments are driven by frustration. I wonder why the media still give people like Nakamura so much space in the news.

francesco formiconi