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Whom would Jesus have bombed?1111111111

A recent article was very condescending toward Japanese people who may also be Christian. Christmas starts with seeking peace in one’s heart; it is not about lights or presents or any of the other ploys of consumerism noted in the article.

Regrettably many so-called Christians in the United States do not practice Christianity. They, like President George W. Bush and his thugs, encourage or coerce American soldiers and others, including Japanese people, to go to war for American greed, oil and profits. They pay mercenaries, etc., to commit murder, theft, torture and other crimes against humanity.

“Who would Jesus bomb?” is the question. Answer: No one!

Jesus is a way of thinking and acting. Gandhi once said he would convert to Christianity the day he met a true practicing Christian. Actions speak louder than words. Leave vengeance in God’s hands, but work for justice and peace in our own lives now. Christmas is every day — Jesus called people to repent and imitate his lifestyle. That is what Christmas is about.

nancy ann siracusa

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