I am again disappointed that an Australian government minister, Ian Campbell, would take the view that the Sea Shepherd is using “foolhardy” tactics to try to save whales in the Southern Ocean. Violence in the Southern Ocean is instigated by Japanese whalers. Can someone please explain to me why these magnificent creatures have to die in such a horrific way — first by being harpooned then by having a grenade go off inside their bodies and, while still alive, being hauled tail-first (drowning) onto a whaling ship. Great whales are dying in abject agony from the merciless harpoons of the Japanese whalers.

Yes, the Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat is a “pirate” ship. Her flag was struck by the nation of Belize. This marks the 30th year that Sea Shepherd has been fighting to save whales and prevent illegal fishing in the world’s oceans. Not one Sea Shepherd activist been convicted of any felony crime.

If Campbell had taken up a suggestion made this time last year — that is to send Australian Navy ships into the Southern Ocean to protect whales in Australian territorial waters — there would be no need for Sea Shepherd to be there. I dare Campbell to send a ship to arrest the Farley Mowat’s crew for piracy, but of course this will not happen because it would show exactly what side the Australian government is on.

craig stringer

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