Tokyo police have arrested four people including a former president of human resources consulting firm President for allegedly luring their targets into multilevel marketing, using dating apps, last year, despite orders for the suspension of network marketing-related business.

Arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department for alleged violations of the law regulating specified commercial transactions were Arata Sakamoto, the 30-year-old former head of President, Kazuto Omori, 26, president of management consulting company Monolith, Hiro Okudera, 28, president of consulting firm Pioneer, and Honami Morita, 28, president of consulting company More.

They are suspected of luring several people, including a Tokyo resident in his 20s, into multilevel marketing around April-June last year although Sakamoto, Omori and Okudera were banned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government from doing business related to network marketing under the law between March 2023 and December the same year after they were found to have employed inappropriate soliciting practices.