About 90% of Ukrainians who have fled to Japan following Russia's invasion of its neighbor are not willing to return home even if the war ends, a survey by the Japanese branch of the YMCA has found.

According to the survey of 153 Ukrainian evacuees last month and released Friday, only 16, or 10.5%, said they would return home immediately if a cease-fire is reached.

By contrast, 72 people, or 47.1%, said they want to settle in Japan, with some citing concerns over the economic situation in Ukraine and others saying that Japanese is easier for their children to understand.

Meanwhile, 62 respondents, or 40.5%, said they would wait in Japan for the time being to see how he Ukraine situation develops.

On Friday, the YMCA branch held a symposium in Tokyo for evacuees who hope to enter higher education or find stable jobs in Japan.

One of the participants, a 16-year-old girl, is attending a junior high school in Japan and plays volleyball, her favorite sport, while taking the classes of a Ukrainian school online.

She said she is happy in Japan and feels like she is at home, noting that her anxiety is receding as she remains in the country. The girl also said that she hopes to enter a Japanese high school, and is aiming to pass the entrance examination.