A monthslong border blockade by Polish truckers is starting to have an effect on Ukrainian soldiers in frozen trenches defending against unrelenting Russian assaults, making already fierce battles even more difficult.

One Ukrainian soldier, Oleksandr, fighting in eastern Ukraine, said that his unit was still waiting for delivery of two night-vision devices, critical for soldiers navigating their way to fighting positions safely. The equipment has been held up at the border, he said, where Polish truckers have blocked major crossings, causing miles-long backups, since Nov. 6.

Oleksandr, who asked to be identified by only his first name in accordance with Ukrainian military protocol, was scathing about the action. "To block the borders of the country, during a full-scale invasion, they have to be completely detached from reality, and this way they also wash their hands in the blood of people who are waiting for the necessary help,” he said.