Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan of the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan on Sunday officially announced his intention not to run in the next House of Representatives election.

"I have done much of what I should have done," Kan, 77, said at a rally in the city of Musashino, Tokyo, part of of his constituency. "Now I want to help my successor."

Kan named Musashino Mayor Reiko Matsushita as his successor in the Tokyo No. 18 constituency of the lower chamber of the Diet, Japan's parliament.

"We must change national politics," Matsushita said. "Here I pledge to run for national politics."

Matsushita, currently an independent, plans to seek the CDP's official endorsement. She said she is considering when to step down as the city's mayor.

At a news conference after the rally, Kan said he was not currently considering the possibility of running in any election other than the next Lower House race.