U.S. President Joe Biden blasted China’s economic problems as a "ticking time bomb” and referred to Communist Party leaders as "bad folks,” his latest barb against President Xi Jinping’s government even as his administration seeks to improve overall ties with Beijing.

In comments that included several major inaccuracies about the world’s second-largest economy, Biden said at a political fundraiser Thursday that China was in "trouble” because its growth has slowed and it had the "highest unemployment rate going.” He also blasted Xi’s signature Belt and Road initiative as the "debt and noose,” because of the high levels of lending to developing economies associated with the global investment program.

"China was growing at 8% a year to maintain growth, now close to 2% a year,” he told donors in Park City, Utah, misstating China’s rate of expansion. "It’s in a position where the number of people who are of retirement age is larger than the number of people of working age,” he added, a statement that was not only incorrect but also off by hundreds of millions of people.