Visitors crowded booths at a "femtech" expo in Tokyo’s Roppongi district last weekend, featuring a range of colorful, fashionably designed women’s health care products, many of which were on display in Japan for the first time.

Femtech Fes! 2022, organized by Tokyo-based startup Fermata, showcased more than 200 products and services from around the world. Among them were a pregnancy monitoring device that detects signs of labor, a fertility tracker that analyzes the electrolyte levels of cervical mucus to predict the best period for conception, and a nipple shield with a sensor that provides real-time data on the amount of milk being breastfed to a baby.

“I see goods I have never seen before,” said Ayaka Hikimoto, 27, who was visiting with a female friend. She said she was amazed by the sophisticated designs of many of the products and that they were all displayed together in one place.