Japanese dramas have a knack for tapping into the zeitgeist, and a forthcoming offering from TV Tokyo in cooperation with Spotify aims to be even more ambitious by bringing the zeitgeist to a Japanese drama.

Omimi ni Aimashitara” stars Marika Ito as Misono Takamura, a podcaster who hosts a show about chēn meshi (chain restaurant food). She will go to real-life venues, eat her favorite dishes and talk about them starting July 8. (There's a Japanese phrase that goes "o-kuchi ni aimashitara," which you say when you hope someone likes the food you're serving — the title swaps o-kuchi [mouth] for o-mimi [ears].)

Along the way, the audience will get to hear about the protagonist's personal life, too. It’s as if we're getting the lovechild of the 1996 rom-com series “Long Vacation” and the American “Doughboys” podcast.