Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on Monday asked the public to trust his ability to steer the country through the increased spread of the coronavirus and modernize the nation with his recipe for “the next engine of growth” — carbon neutrality and digitalization — amid slipping support.

In his second policy speech to the Diet, Suga charted an expansive course of action aimed at curbing the deadly coronavirus, tackling long-standing domestic issues with an overarching theme of safety and hope, and asserting Japan’s diplomatic presence by shaping a post-pandemic international order.

“Above everything, I’ll do everything I can to stamp out the coronavirus as soon as possible and win back everyday life, so that everyone can make their living safely and the streets are busy again,” Suga said. “To carve out hope for the future, I’ve worked out the solutions for longtime issues over the past four months. I’ll implement them as soon as possible, and I present our country’s future vision to you all.”