A man was arrested Wednesday near Tokyo for allegedly forging and sending out dozens of special popsicle sticks to an ice cream manufacturer so they could be redeemed for popular Pokemon cards by the company.

Takashi Ono, 43, is suspected of attempting fraud after he sent 25 fake popsicle sticks in November last year to confectioner Akagi Nyugyo Co. in Saitama Prefecture, according to local police.

The company ran a competition between June and July last year in which people could send in rare lucky sticks from its popular popsicle brand Garigarikun in exchange for Pokemon game cards created for the event.

The limited sticks were engraved with the words "You win a Gari-Pokemon card," which could only be seen after consuming the ice cream.

Akagi Nyugyo contacted the police after receiving multiple lucky popsicle sticks from what was believed to be one person, local police said.

The ice cream manufacturer has warned consumers of the possibility that "fake lucky popsicle sticks are being sold" online.