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The Air Self-Defense Force said Friday it has deployed a new reconnaissance plane at its Iruma base in Saitama Prefecture on Thursday.

“With the equipment for collecting radio wave information fully renewed, we can play an important role in the field of electromagnetic waves,” ASDF Chief of Staff Shunji Izutsu told a news conference.

According to the Defense Ministry, the RC-2 reconnaissance plane is an ASDF C-2 transport aircraft newly equipped with a radio wave measurement device developed by Toshiba Corp.

The RC-2, which replaces the YS-11EB reconnaissance aircraft, can collect radio signals from wider areas and higher altitudes.

A database of the frequencies of radio waves detected by reconnaissance aircraft would be useful in electronic warfare to disturb the communications and radar functions of enemies.

In connection with SDF information collection activities, there was an incident in 2014 in which a Chinese fighter jet made abnormal approaches to an ASDF YS-11EB plane and a Maritime SDF aircraft over the East China Sea.