The rainy season front over western Japan was gaining force Friday, threatening the Kyushu region with yet another round of torrential rain through Sunday, the Meteorological Agency has warned.

A low pressure system over northeastern China is forecast to move toward the Korean Peninsula on Saturday, giving more force to the rain front over western Japan, the weather agency said.

The rain front is expected to stay over wide areas of Japan, from Kyushu to eastern regions, through Sunday, the final day of the ongoing four-day holiday, the agency said.

Northern and southern Kyushu will see 300 millimeters of rainfall during the 24 hours through 6 a.m. Saturday, while Shikoku will have 250 mm during the same period, the agency said. The Kinki, Tokai and Hokuriku regions are likely to see 100 mm of rain, it said.

Earlier this month, deadly torrential rain and flooding in Kumamoto Prefecture left more than 60 people dead, including over a dozen of elderly residents of a care home.