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  • Japan’s top buzzwords of 2019 to be announced.
  • Finance Ministry to release statistics on corporate financial results by industry for July-September period. Trends in capital investment among companies will be closely monitored by economists. In the April-June quarter, capital spending by manufacturers fell 6.9 percent, the first decline in two years, amid a slowdown in the global economy caused by U.S.-China trade tensions.
  • Japan Automobile Dealers Association to release new motor vehicle sales data for November.


  • Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako to visit mausoleums of Emperor Taisho and Emperor Showa in Tokyo.
  • Sony Corp.’s PlayStation game console to mark 25th anniversary.


  • Japan and South Korea to hold preparatory talks in Vienna on Tokyo’s tightened controls on tech-related exports. Preparatory talks to lay groundwork for a director-general-level meeting scheduled in the third week of December in Tokyo. The meeting will be the first of its type in over three years.
  • The Niigata District Court to hand down a ruling on a man who allegedly killed 7-year-old girl and left her body on railway track. Prosecutors are seeking a death sentence for Haruka Kobayashi, 25, who has denied that he intended to kill the second-grade elementary school girl and molested her.


  • Japan Automobile Dealers Association to release new motor vehicle sales figures for November on car-model basis.
  • The Tokyo High Court to hand down ruling on Peruvian man, Vayron Jonathan Nakada Ludena, who is accused of killing six people in their homes in Saitama Prefecture in 2015.


  • Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry to release wage earners’ household spending for October.
  • Cabinet Office to release preliminary composite indexes of economic indicators for October.
  • The Tokyo High Court to hand down ruling on man over high-profile road rage case in which he was accused of causing accident on the Tomei Expressway in 2017 resulting in the death of couple and injuries to their two teenage daughters.
  • Annual Luminarie illumination event to start in Kobe through Dec. 15 in memory of victims of 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake.


  • Akira Yoshino, honorary fellow at Asahi Kasei Corp. and professor at Meijo University who won this year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry, to give his Nobel lecture in Stockholm.

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