A high school student in Okinawa Prefecture reunited Tuesday with an unknown benefactor who lent him money when he lost his wallet to buy a ticket for a flight, after he managed to get in touch with him with the help of local newspapers.

Soma Sakimoto, a 17-year-old second-year student at Okinawa Technical High School in Naha, met Hiroshi Inoya, a doctor from Saitama Prefecture, at the school and returned the ¥60,000 he had borrowed. Sakimoto also presented Inoya, 68, with a handmade paperweight engraved with their names as well as kanji characters meaning "Thank you."

On April 24, Sakimoto was on his way to his hometown on Yonaguni Island in Okinawa to attend his uncle's funeral. When he arrived at Naha Airport Station, the last station on the monorail line, he noticed that he had lost his wallet.