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Remodeled versions of Toyota's popular RAV4 SUV on sale again in Japan


Toyota Motor Corp. released the fully remodeled RAV4 sport utility vehicle in Japan on Wednesday, marking the first launch of a new model of the globally popular SUV here in three years.

With the fifth-generation series, Toyota revived the RAV4 in its product lineup for the domestic market after skipping the introduction of its preceding series due to sluggish demand, while selling the vehicles in other markets on the globe seamlessly.

Toyota, which regards the RAV4 as one of its mainstay SUV brands, sells them in 180 countries and regions, with cumulative global sales reaching about 9 million units since its market debut in 1994.

The fifth-generation RAV4 is larger than its predecessors chiefly because it shares a platform with Toyota’s flagship Camry sedan sold in the United States and other foreign markets. In particular, the new model boasts a large rear cargo space, Toyota said.

Targeting activity- and family-oriented people in their 30s to 40s, Toyota offers both gasoline-only and hybrid versions with two-wheel- and four-wheel-drive power trains.

All models of the new series feature as standard equipment the “Toyota Safety Sense,” a package of systems including one to prevent collisions with pedestrians and bicycles and keep the vehicle in the center of the driving lane.

“The RAV4 is Toyota’s absolute core SUV model,” Moritaka Yoshida, executive vice president of the company, said. “We’ll cultivate a market again in Japan.”

Toyota aims to sell 3,000 units of the new RAV4 each month.

Sticker prices range from ¥2,608,200 to ¥3,348,000 for the gasoline-powered versions and from ¥3,202,200 to ¥3,817,800 for the hybrid versions.

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