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Guaido says he's maintaining 'very discreet' contacts with Venezuelan military


Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido said Tuesday he has been keeping up “very discreet” contacts with Caracas’ military, insisting that the armed forces were part of the overwhelming majority of people who wanted a change of government.

Guaido is recognized as interim president of the crisis-torn country by more than 50 countries in his power struggle with President Nicolas Maduro, but Maduro retains control of the army and the country’s institutions.

“We have had very discreet communications of course with the military, but it’s not the moment to give certain details, because unfortunately here there is a dictatorship,” Guaido told Peru’s RPP Radio.

“Persecution is the order of the day.”

He said 91 percent of Venezuelans want a change of government and “that doesn’t escape the army.”

“The military family and all those who are linked to the crisis in Venezuela know what they are living through,” he said.

According to Guaido, there are some “significant signs of unease” in the armed forces, which he described as the last vestige of support “for the dictatorial regime.” The military leadership has consistently pledged loyalty to Maduro.

He said opposition forces “will continue to fight peacefully, not violently, but very forcefully” to regain democracy.

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