Japan working on ability to counter cyberattacks


The central government plans to develop methods to counter cyberattacks, informed sources have said.

The government will spell out a strategy aimed at possessing ways to counter such attacks in its new defense policy guidelines and midterm defense buildup program, due out late this year, the sources said Friday.

In the documents, the government is expected to say that Japan needs to have the capability to prevent the use of cyberspace by the opposition, the sources said.

The government’s stance is more passive under the current defense policy guidelines adopted in 2013, saying the country would take necessary measures to limit damage from cyberattacks.

Government officials told ruling coalition lawmakers on Friday that strengthening cyber capabilities is vital to winning a modern battle.

The government officials also said Japan should be ready to carry out counterattacks, such as a distributed denial of service attack, which is intended to saturate the server of the attacker with large amounts of data to cause a communications failure.

Specifically, the government plans to boost the number of members in its cyber defense unit, who will total 150 at the end of fiscal 2018, employ highly skilled outside experts and utilize artificial intelligence.

The government also plans to spell out a policy of strengthening its space surveillance capability in the defense policy guidelines and defense buildup program.

The documents are likely to state that it is necessary to strengthen capabilities to counter interference using outer space by the other side, the sources said.