The Master's Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at Kanda University of International Studies' Graduate School of Language Sciences (Tokyo Campus) is a unique opportunity for English teachers in Japan.

The mission of TESOL is to help current and future teachers develop an extensive repertoire of instructional methods and strategies. The program supports teachers to become reflective practitioners who have professional knowledge and skills to take appropriate action in addressing the learning needs of their students. The program aims to provide a solid foundation for long-term teacher development by cultivating the habit of self-observation and self-evaluation. Graduates of this program will be self-directed language professionals well-prepared to take a leadership role in the community of ESOL teachers.

This program is mainly designed for current English teachers in Japan, both native and non-native English speakers. Japanese teachers are required to have high-level English proficiency and steady effort to improve further in all skills necessary for their English-teaching profession. All classes are conducted in English, and are held on weekends and during summer holidays to fit current teachers' schedules. Student enrollment occurs in September and April, and the general requirements for graduation can be completed within two to 2.5 years. Those who have a junior or senior high school English teacher's license (isshu menkyo) will become qualified to apply for the specialized English teacher's license (senshu menkyo) by completing the master's program.

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