Sanrio Co. is known for churning out some of the most adorable creatures out there, including Hello Kitty and the bunny My Melody. Its characters are often cute and colorful, and usually silent.

Retsuko the red panda, on the other hand, is the total opposite of Sanrio’s typical line of mascots. She is neurotic, angry and absolutely hates her life — as well as many of the people in it. That’s the plot behind one of the newest anime shows on Netflix at the moment, “Aggretsuko.”

The 10-episode series follows “OL” (office lady) Retsuko as she deals with the trials and tribulations of living and working in Japan, including being squashed on a commuter train every day. All the while she has to deal with a variety of characters at her work, including the cunning and friendly Fenneko (a fennec fox) and her misogynistic boss, Director Ton (a pig, naturally).