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Don Quijote says new individual restroom stalls are for everyone regardless of gender, orientation

Staff Report

Discount chain Don Quijote said Monday that special restrooms in its new flagship store in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, are for people of all genders.

The statement followed a media report Friday saying they were built for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people, and questions were raised over the concept.

The store’s second floor still has standard men’s and women’s rooms, but now situated between them are three individual restroom stalls. These are labeled “All Gender.”

The new restrooms are designed “to be used by anyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” according to a press release issued by Don Quijote Co. in April.

In a written interview with The Japan Times, a company spokesman said they were installed to contribute to the Shibuya area’s move toward embracing gender equality and diversity.

The restrooms have handrails for the elderly, and each has a baby chair to make using them more convenient for parents.

The spokesman said Don Quijote may install the new restrooms in other stores nationwide, depending on customer reactions.