United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave his strongest signal yet on Tuesday that he will seek the South Korean presidency next year as a corruption scandal that reached the highest level of government continues to roil the country.

Touting his 10 years of experience as U.N. chief, Ban said he was "willing to fully devote" himself to help South Korea in the wake of the graft scandal, which ensnared President Park Geun-hye and spurred weeks of massive protests in the capital, Seoul. Those protests ultimately forced out Park, who was impeached by the country's National Assembly this month.

"If what I have learned, seen and felt during my 10-year service as U.N. secretary-general could help advance the Republic of Korea, I am willing to fully devote myself to it," the Yonhap news agency quoted Ban as telling South Korean reporters in New York. "Though my capacity is limited, I will not be sparing of myself if my know-how is needed to develop the country and enhance citizens' welfare and livelihoods."