More than half of the business leaders in the global financial services industry agree that digital transformation determines the development of their business, realizes efficient business processes and brings more profits, but they have yet to find effective ways of doing so, according to a recent industry survey.

The finding is based on data from a survey titled Walking the Digital Tightrope 2016, commissioned by electronics giant Fujitsu Ltd.

Referring to the 73 percent of respondents who are still unsure of the effectiveness of digitizing, the head of Fujitsu's Indonesian unit said financial institutions "are required to always deliver innovative services."

"That's why digital transformation becomes important to be able to answer any challenges that arise due to the large adoption of the latest digital trends, such as big data analytics, internet of things, and enterprise mobility," PT. Fujitsu Indonesia President Director Achmad S. Sofwan said Wednesday at a news briefing in Jakarta.

For the purpose, Fujitsu has several solutions for financial institutions, including a decision-support system called Fujitsu Business Intelligent that uses big data and analytics technology.

"There are around seven to eight companies using solutions from Fujitsu," said Pierre Haroen Ampera, senior manager for application services at Fujitsu Indonesia. "They are all Japanese companies in Indonesia who are particularly engaged in the banking, insurance and manufacturing industries."

Ampera hopes that Fujitsu Indonesia can develop closer cooperation with other companies in Indonesia, including through a one-day seminar held Wednesday at a Jakarta hotel.

"To educate the institutions that how important it is to adopt digital transformation immediately for business development is one of our obstacles here," he added.