Two Iranians indicted over fatal attack on compatriot in Nagoya


Prosecutors on Thursday indicted two Iranian men on charges of killing a compatriot last December in Nagoya, in an attack apparently related to illegal drug trafficking.

The two men, aged 43 and 32, fatally attacked Anami Shirmard Milad, 27, in conspiracy with other assailants, according to the indictment.

The prosecutors and police declined to disclose the names of the two arrested men, while the indictment said the names of the other assailants were not known.

According to the indictment, the attackers in one car stopped the victim, who was driving another car, on a road in the early hours of Dec. 20 and stabbed him in the arms and legs.

Prosecutors charged the two men with injury resulting in death, not murder, saying murderous intent was not clear from where the victim was stabbed.

The men, who were arrested on suspicion of murder in February, have denied the allegations.