Three Kyoto teens arrested for smoking cannabis


Three male teenagers in Kyoto have been arrested on suspicion of possession of cannabis. One of them is a junior high school student.

Police said Tuesday the three were arrested after officers found around 0.7 gram of cannabis in a car in a convenience store parking lot in Fushimi Ward on Feb. 26.

They admitted smoking the drug, the police said.

The names of the three suspects are being withheld because under Japanese law they are considered minors. They are aged 15, 18 and 19. The eldest is a carpenter, while the two others are still in school.

The teenagers admitted to the allegation, police said, adding that one of the three said they bought the narcotic from a junior high school student.

Worries about use of marijuana by young people in Kyoto have been on the rise since a sixth-grader in elementary school admitted doing so last year.

  • shatonbytories

    This is news?
    How many drunken salarymen get arrested for drink driving or molesting companions each night (or how many get away with it)?

  • Ruchesko

    For a country so close to the opium plantations of the Golden Triangle, I would think cannabis was the least of Japan’s drug worries.