As warm winds blow, temperatures in Japan reach record highs for February


Record high temperatures for February were set in parts of central and western Japan on Sunday as warm air from the south moved in over the Japanese archipelago, pushing up temperatures and stoking strong winds across the country.

The temperature reached 24.8 C in Tokyo, 23.5 C in Nagoya and 23.3 in Minami, Tokushima Prefecture, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. In the northeastern prefecture of Iwate, the mercury climbed to 22 C in Kuji and 21.3 C in Iwaizumi, levels more typical of July.

The warm air brought strong winds and heavy rain to many parts of the country, causing traffic disruption.

All Nippon Airways Co. and Japan Airlines Co. canceled over 70 domestic flights altogether Sunday and a bullet train service was temporarily suspended in northeastern Japan.

Winds of up to 131 kilometers per hour were recorded in the northeastern prefecture of Aomori.

Temperatures are expected to drop back Monday as atmospheric pressure pattern typical of winter returns, the weather agency said.

  • Horiguchi Katsumi

    The article “As warm winds blow, …” includes a typo in its title. Disappointing enough for Japan Times … **)

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