North Korea sends 1 million propaganda leaflets to South


South Korea says North Korea has launched an estimated 1 million propaganda leaflets by balloon into the South amid increased tensions between the rivals following the North’s recent nuclear test.

South Korea resumed blasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts from border loudspeakers in retaliation for the North’s Jan. 6 nuclear detonation, and says North Korea responded by restarting its own border broadcasts and floating the balloons over the border carrying anti-South leaflets.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry said Monday the North’s military has been sending the balloons on a near-daily basis. It says the leaflets have reached Seoul in addition to areas close to the border.

Such leafleting by the North is rare, as the two Koreas officially stopped psychological warfare as part of tension-reduction measures in 2004.

  • GBR48

    Not sure it counts as ‘psychological warfare’ when enterprising South Koreans start selling them as souvenirs to tourists, and on ebay to collectors.