• Kyodo


Fukushima Gov. Masao Uchibori said Tuesday he will attend this year’s World Economic Forum meeting to talk about recovery efforts in the prefecture.

The annual gathering of financiers and government officials will take place in Switzerland starting Jan. 20.

Uchibori is scheduled to attend a meeting about the revitalization of Fukushima and explain what is going on. It is rare for a governor to attend the global gathering.

“It is a precious opportunity to be able to communicate directly with people from all over the world,” Uchibori told a news conference. “I want to report (on) the steady progress that is being made toward rebuilding Fukushima.”

It is expected that sake brewed in Fukushima will be served at an event during the gathering.

Uchibori was invited to the Davos forum after attending an event related to the World Economic Forum in Tokyo last June.

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