Abe, China’s Yang vow to promote dialogue

Top China official agrees to start operating key hotline


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A top Chinese government official met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Wednesday, agreeing to promote a “mutually beneficial strategic relationship” between the two Asian titans despite the latest diplomatic row over the 1937 Nanking Massacre, a Japanese official said.

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi paid a courtesy visit to Abe at the prime minister’s office. The meeting lasted about 45 minutes, much longer than originally planned, according to the high-ranking Japanese official who attended the meeting.

Abe and Yang also agreed to begin operating a hotline between military officials to prevent “unexpected events,” the official said, likely referring to the potential for incidents in the Japanese-claimed Senkaku Islands, in the East China Sea. The islands, known as Diaoyu in China, are also claimed by Beijing.

Tokyo and Beijing had agreed to set up the emergency line, but China was reportedly reluctant to start operating the system.

On Friday, UNESCO accepted China’s application to its Memory of the World program for registering what Beijing claims are historical documents related to the 1937 Nanking Massacre.

During the meeting, Abe told Yang that the registration was “regrettable,” according to the official, who spoke on condition he not be named.

Abe also expressed “deep concern” over repeated incursions by Chinese government ships into Japanese territorial waters in the East China Sea, according to the official.

But otherwise, the two leaders conversed in “a very friendly atmosphere,” the official said.

“I have a feeling that Japan and China took a roundabout route over the past few years, but the relationship has started improving since the summer of last year,” Yang was quoted as saying by the official.

On Tuesday, Shotaro Yachi, head of the secretariat of Japan’s National Security Council, protested to Yang over the UNESCO’s Nanking Massacre listing.

China has used UNESCO for political purposes by working for the registration of the incident, Yachi told Yang.

At their talks, which lasted about four hours, Yachi and Yang also agreed that their countries will strengthen top-level dialogue.

“There still are problems between the two countries, including in the East China Sea,” Yachi said at the beginning of the meeting. “But we want to open up the future of the bilateral relationship and develop it further.”

Yang replied that Beijing attaches importance to the opportunities for high-level dialogue with Japan.

Yachi conveyed his country’s “serious concerns” about China’s unilateral gas development in the East China Sea and land reclamation around rocks and reefs in the South China Sea.

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  • Liars N. Fools

    Yachi earning his pay. The Nanjing Massacre was China’s fault.

    • Stewart Dorward


      • J.P. Bunny

        Because Japan was entirely blameless as it was only in Asia to free it from being colonized by the evil Europeans. Can’t blame the Japanese if the natives didn’t realize what was good for them.

      • The Truth

        Well can’t blame the natives if the Japs are treating them like subhumans.

      • The Truth

        Well can’t blame the natives if the Japanese were treating them like subhumans.

      • Bec

        Japan itself lost focus on what they are trying to achieve! At the same time, many people in China and South Korea, tend to forget that Westerners dominated and had colonies all over Asia! Including owning Hong Kong after the two opium wars with China! We made many mistakes which we are not proud of! But at the same time don’t forget the position that many Asian countries were in!! We got ownership of the Korean peninsula after we fought and beat Russia!! Even if we didn’t do anything, Korea would still belong to Russia!

      • kension86

        The other Asian countries were indeed interested in joining the “co-prosperity sphere”, but it all fell apart when Japan insisted on being the sole leader of the federation. If only Japan would get her priority straight and avoided fighting the war on two fronts…

      • Bec

        I agree with you to a certain extent! Many Asian countries did not have the option to join Japan even if they wanted to! They were weak militarily and economically, with dozens of European countries having colonies in the region! Japan made many mistakes that we are not proud of, but there was already a huge problem in the region which many forget! China already tried to fight the European powers and lost twice! Opium War 1 and 2! There was no one left in Asia except for Japan! Even Korea we got from Russia after beating them on land and Sea in major battles!!

      • The Truth

        China’s civilian and military casualties in the Second Sino-Japanese War from 1937 to 1945 are 20 million dead and 15 million wounded. And the war greatly weaken the KMT Nationalist forces that ultimately lost China to the communist. Do you expect the Chinese people to be grateful of the Japanese “help”?

      • Bec

        Millions died in the Great Leap Forward, yet we don’t talk as much about those crimes and we consider Mao a Hero! So much so that we will have his face on all of our Chinese currency even though his responsible for Millions of Chinese dying!!
        Very selective on what crimes we want to remember, and what we consider acceptable!
        Russia is best friend and ally while still holding parts of Chinese territory 100x times larger then Senkaku Islands! Find it hypocritical!! And hard to take CCP serious!! Can’t even get along with other communist countries which they share a border with!! Failure of foreign policy towards many neighboring countries not just Japan!!

      • The Truth

        LOL aren’t we talking about Japanese invasion here???!

      • The Truth

        Thanks to the Japanese the face of Mao is on every Chinese currency note since 1949.

      • Bec

        Japanese are not the ones supporting the government since 1949!! Make Mao into a hero!! We did not invent communism either!! Easy to blame Japan for all your problems! It’s been 70 years since then!! Japan itself was destroyed in the process and suffered greatly!!
        But that part doesn’t matter to people like you!!

      • The Truth

        The second Sino Japanese war is one of the 3 main reasons why the CCP was able to defeat the KMT and took control of mainland China. The other 2 being Soviet aid and corruption within the KMT. Look it up yourself if you don’t believe me.

      • Bec

        China chose to become communist and remain so for the last 70 years!! Chinese people chose to make a hero out of Mao!! Not Japanese! Before Japan ever invaded , China was weak and devided as a country! Known as the sick man of Asia!! Addicted to opium!!

      • The Truth

        China won 38 golds medals in the last summer Olympic while Korea won 13 and Japan won only 7. If China is sick man of Asia Japan must be brain death lol.

      • Bec

        You’re losing the argument if you have to jump and point out the Olympics to win an argument about the past!! We’re not even talking about the same time frame anymore!! Lol

      • The Truth

        So how China benefited from the Sino Japanese war?

      • Bec

        You’re going in a circle! Move on!

  • EC

    What a contrary when compare Japan to Germany. It is a crime in EU when someone denies Holocaust but in the case of Japan, they won’t even admit historical facts of war crime even they had lost the war. U.S., as the main protector of Japan after WW2 and today, should bear the main responsibility on these kind of denial behavior. Yellow men’s lives should worth as much as the White Jews.

    • The Truth

      It is in the interest of the US to maintain hostility between Japan and China. So don’t except the US to do anything soon. There is no moral in foreign relationship but self interest. Sad but true.

    • The Truth

      It is in the interest of the US to maintain hostility between Japan and China. So don’t except the US to do anything soon. There is no moral in foreign relationship but self interest. Sad but true.

  • sdfqef

    the Emperor should have been nuked.

  • 99Pcent

    I think somehow the Chinese CCP is promoting a sense of invincibility in amongst it populace of the majority Han, mainly through censorship and propaganda. Dialog with Japan is useless if back home in China if is portrayed as a victory over Abe and Co. There is no point in having a dialog unless the Chinese population in fully informed of this so called communication.
    Why is the CCP so scared of the truth and what the people of China might think? REally, if the CCP/ PLA did not have so many guns aimed at the Chinese population, maybe the world would be at peace. Think about it!!!

    • EC

      Somehow someone can twist a news article about Japan unhappy on UN recognizing historical truth to CCP propaganda. It’s like saying Europe recognizing Holocaust as a Jewish propaganda.