Tokyo steps up security after Islamic State tells supporters to attack Japanese missions


Staff Writer

Tokyo has ordered all diplomatic offices abroad to beef up security after the Islamic State militant group called on its supporters to attack Japanese missions in Indonesia, Malaysia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Friday.

The militant group issued the message in the latest edition of Dabiq, its English-language magazine whose copies are circulated over the Internet.

Japanese expats in the three countries are also urged to be conscious about their safety, Suga added.

“We are aware that such an article has been carried (in the magazine). We are cooperating with host countries to guard the overseas government offices,” Suga said.

After the militant group killed two Japanese hostages earlier this year, the magazine published photos of the victims, 42-year-old Haruna Yukawa and 47-year-old Kenji Goto.

The magazine said the group executed the two to “humiliate the arrogance of this Japanese government,” and accused Japan of having been a player in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Liars N. Fools

    Sad fact of life. I think it was only a matter of time for Islamic terrorist to single out an American ally.

  • Paul Martin

    The question is H O W you gonna S T O P them ?1

  • Paul Martin, you appear to reside in cloud cuckoo land because ISIS was made in a famous U.S. camp in Iraq and utilizing sectarian terrorist forces is a common plot of America. Similarly, NATO Turkey is mainly focused on bombing the Kurds therefore ISIS is a geopolitical tool and aimed at Hezbollah and so forth. NATO Turkey is an open conduit for various Takfiri Islamists and we know that money reached them via Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The U.S. isn’t exactly interested in attacking either main center of ISIS power in Iraq and Syria respectively. Also, note that ISIS does what against NATO Turkey and Israel (given the geography of Syria) – therefore, someone is pulling their strings….and it isn’t the allies of Syria.

    Japan should stop following the U.S. blindly because Japanese nationals killed in Algeria was based on Western and Gulf intrigues against Libya. Likewise, Japanese nationals entered Syria via NATO Turkey and freely went into zones that are supported by NATO and Gulf powers…..say no more!

    Time for Japan to have a more balanced foreign policy with America, China and the Russian Federation and opening up to other areas of international power.