Abe won’t visit Beijing for WWII parade


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Contrary to earlier media reports and speculation, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will not visit China in early September, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Monday.

Abe has decided not to go, apparently fearing that his visit might be used for China’s anti-Japan propaganda campaign.

On Sept. 3, Beijing plans to hold a military parade to mark 70 years since the end of what it calls the “War of Resistance Against Japan.”

Chinese officials have unofficially invited Abe to attend the ceremony. In response, Abe was reportedly exploring ways to visit Beijing and meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at that time.

“Prime Minister Abe won’t attend the ceremony to be organized by China on Sept. 3. He has made the decision considering the situation of the Diet and other factors,” Suga told a regular news conference.

Suga also denied that Abe plans to go to China a few days before or after the ceremony.

At a Diet committee session later on Monday, Abe said he made the decision “based on the situation in the Diet,” likely referring to a pair of security bills being debated in the Upper House.

Abe has been criticized as a nationalist who could raise tensions with China and South Korea. In an effort to counter that criticism, Abe has taken a relatively low-profile stance in dealing with China in recent months and was trying to schedule summit talks with Xi, which would help Abe claim credit for improving troubled Sino-Japanese ties.

Since his inauguration in December 2012, Abe has met Xi for brief one-on-one meetings twice.

During Monday’s news conference, Suga said Abe will continue trying to meet with Xi to improve bilateral ties.

“We will keep trying to create an opportunity for the top leaders to frankly talk to each other,” Suga also said.

Asked if Abe’s decision will adversely affect bilateral relations, Suga said he does not believe so.

“There’s no doubt the Japan-China relationship is on the road to recovery after (Abe and Xi) met twice in a summit meeting,” Suga said, adding that Abe will keep seeking opportunities to meet with Xi on the sidelines of major international conferences.

Beijing has invited dozens of leaders to the military parade and the ensuing reception.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and South Korean President Park Geun-hye are expected to attend those events, but many Western leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama, will not.

On Monday a high-ranking Japanese official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Tokyo consulted with some Western officials before Abe made his decision.

In July, Shotaro Yachi, a close aide to Abe and head of the secretariat of the National Security Council, visited Beijing and met with several top Chinese officials.

As Abe’s top envoy, Yachi was believed to have discussed conditions for Abe’s tentative visit to Beijing.

  • More like Mr. Abe isnt in the best health condition to travel.

    • Liars N. Fools

      More like America has determined that Mr. Abe is not in the best health condition to travel and needs to combat young people opposing collective security bills which could put Japanese in harm’s way.

  • Jackson

    Who wants to eat Chinese food–when a Japanese version of it is available?!?…all the good-for-nothing sons and daughters are all in Tokyo or Ōsaka…sure as hell PRC WAGs, concubines are doing their best shopping in Shibuya or Namba.

    Abe is a mug, for sure, but…Beijing especially smells like sewage and pollution this time of the year. I’m talking about Chinese leadership, not the country♪

  • disqus_Rv1GqOyTeN

    Recently, Abe has lost a golden opportunity to seek reconciliation with two major WW2 Asian victim countries. This time round, he is just as stupid as to lose another opportunity. Is the well-being of the Japanese people not more important than his personal pride?

  • Questioner


    BEIJING (TP) PRC parade officials announced a battalion of actors dressed in historically accurate Nationalist uniforms will march at the head of the September 3rd military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of China’s victory over Japan in WW II. “It is only right and just Nationalist soldiers march in the parade because wIthout their efforts we would all be speaking Japanese, ” a parade official said to reporters. “After all, 10 KMT soldiers died fighting in WW II for every 7 Red Army soldiers. And since Beijing did not invite Taiwan or the KMT to participate, we thought the special Nationalist battalion would atone for the omission. And frankly, we’re all sick and tired of watching the Party claim full credit for the victory.”

    But marching out of step with Beijing can be risky as China watchers know. “History has always been at the mercy of propaganda in the Peoples’ Republic,” one expert observed. It remains to be seen whether the Party will force an “about face” in the parade official’s ambitious plans. Readers can judge for themselves when the parade marches by on T.V.

  • timefox

    It’s impossible to participate in the Chinese military parade which invades Japan and South East Asia.

    A footstep of a war is heard from Beijing. Japan and the Southeast Asian nations which are invaded or provoked by China have to be solid and opposed.

    The day when one of new history fabrication was born again by China and Korea.

    China is treating Japan as a devil to invade Japan and South East Asia.
    And after brainwashing people by a delusion, it’s the purpose to invade and rule Japan and South East Asia.

    The national representatives who invade an other country by violence just gathered in today’s ceremony.

    Korean invasion in Japan territory Takeshima,
    Chinese invasion to Japan territory Senkaku-shoto,
    Chinese invasion to Southeast Asia and
    Russian invasion in Ukrainian.

    The Sudanese president placed on a wanted list by a crime of a slaughter from UN participated in military parade. A secretary general of UN participated in military parade, too. And two people took a picture by a smiling face together. China where UN is a permanent member of the Security Council didn’t arrest this slaughter conviction. This is China.