With Takara Tomy’s new teddy bear Kuma-chan, the toy company has realized everyone’s childhood dream: a stuffed animal that talks.

The teddy bear talks so naturally that Takara Tomy is being very tight-lipped about the technology that allows Kuma-chan to interact.

Takara Tomy claims that Kuma-chan has a larger vocabulary and song repertoire than the average stuffed animal. Not only can the teddy bear engage in real-time conversations on topics ranging from the weather to movie dates, it is also a great study partner.

According to Takara Tomy, Kuma-chan can answer all your questions and often surprise you with its knowledge on recent topics such as Nadeshiko Japan.

Kuma-chan is not only a receptive speaker; it can also take the lead and ask questions about your favorite sport, food and so on.

“The Secret of Kuma-chan” will be on sale from July 16 in brown, white and pink for ¥9,980.